• Engineering and manufacturing of revamp process compressors, steam turbines, and gas turbines
  • Design, engineering and packaging of integrated systems: gas turbines, process compressors, steam turbines, turbochargers and turbopumps
  • Development of gas turbine and process compressors simulator
  • Design, engineering, and manufacturing of performance test platforms
  • Design and optimization of Performance
  • Mechanical retrofit of machines
  • Engineering and implementation of UCP and DCS control systems
  • Retrofit of control systems and instruments
  • Development of predicted performance computational codes and simulators
  • Re-engineering and manufacturing with utilizing a variety of technologies
  • Rotordynamic Modeling and Analysis
  • Condition monitoring of turbochargers and turbines
  • Implementation of online monitoring systems(OMS)
  • Engineering of Turbocharger, Turbopump and Turbogenerator packages systems
  • Design and implementation of gas turbine and process compressor package systems with related accessories
  • Management of EPC projects in rotating machines sector
Design & Engineering-tmc

شرکت توربین ماشین خاورمیانه

Turbine Machine

شرکت توربین ماشین خاورمیانه اولین شرکت تولید کننده توربین در ایران

Turbine Machine Company

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