Manufacturing and production

  • Engineering services

  • Engineering and manufacturing of 4,000 rotating machine parts
  • Production of 35,000 parts per year
  • Production of 170 turbine rotors and compressors sets


  • Manufacturing parts and spare parts for rotary machines

  • Manufacturing of rotors and hot and cold parts of gas turbines
  • Manufacturing of rotors and diaphragms for steam turbine
  • Manufacturing of shells and housings for gas and steam turbine
  • Re-engineering for localization of manufacturing methods and production of rotating machine parts
  • Manufacturing of process centrifugal compressor rotors
  • Manufacturing of rotary machine consumables parts
  • Manufacturing several types of bearings & seals
  • Manufacture of various types of centrifugal compressor impellers
  • Extracting data  from engineering drawings for manufacturing and monitoring implementation
  • Manufacturers and contractors chain Management
  • Quality Control, Quality insurance and product guarantee and warranty


  • TEEDA Gas Turbine Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing single-shaft turbine for driving generator
  • Manufacturing double-shaft turbine for driving pump and compressor


  • TEEDA Turbine packages Manufacturing

  • Turbopump
  • Turbogenerator

شرکت توربین ماشین خاورمیانه

Turbine Machine

شرکت توربین ماشین خاورمیانه اولین شرکت تولید کننده توربین در ایران

Turbine Machine Company

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