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This company was established in 2001 with the aim of producing rotating assemblies, updating and improving rotating machine systems and manufacturing related equipment and packages in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants and other related industrial fields and by compiling a five-year production plan, starting from manufacturing spare parts has extended its activities to the production of equipment and packages for turbo pumps, turbochargers, turbo generators in recent years. Currently producing rotary rotors, producing and manufacturing gas turbines, steam and compressors, as well as providing services, overhauls, technical and engineering support, updating and upgrading existing rotary equipment domestically, with the aim of expanding its target market via technical and engineering service export, TMC is also active to participate in international markets

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Hasan Helali ، Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

At present, TMC Company is honored to successfully carry out and operate a wide variety of specialized projects in fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel, etc

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As of today, this industrial group is proud to successfully conduct various executive projects regarding Oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plant, steel , etc.

Our fundamental goal

The major goal of TMC founders is achieving complete self-sufficiency in industrial-scale manufacturing of rotating equipment, job creation, and development of technical and engineering knowledge and preventing brain drain of highly skilled and well-educated individuals, to build strong high educated team including both young, enthusiastic and dynamic engineers as well as high experienced specialists, which all have led to such remarkable increasing effectiveness of quality services provided

The origin of the prosperity of the TMC

The origin of prosperity of our technical and engineering structure was optimizing current available equipment in the country, technical research investments, prototyping and manpower personnel training and education, instead of bearing significant foreign machineries and equipment purchasing expenses and importing costs and made it as its guideline, led to successful several projects completion, by developing value chain, modern and international training, with no lack of technical information and tools .despite the economic critics, our country is dealing with during these recent years


This industrial group, by creating dynamic and efficient engineering teams, has become one of Iranian top companies being active in the field of rotating machinery equipment, being successful in meeting the requirements of designing, engineering, manufacturing , upgrading turnkey projects, as well as providing technical support for currently existing related equipment in the country.

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شرکت توربین ماشین خاورمیانه اولین شرکت تولید کننده توربین در ایران

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